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Kodak OGX 5.48a Charging Timer

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Said inverter on version 71.10. 
Parameter 16 set to SNU, page 24 of user manual states one should press and hold the third button on the left hand side of the panel to enter timer programming mode.

tried this….nothing

tried second button…nothing

1st button takes you to USB mode

Can someone please assist, I would like to get the batt to charge during solar availability eg 0900 to 1500


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Your Kodak OG5.48a is equivalent to an Axpert MKS III. I don't know these very well. I do know that the display firmware for Kings and VM IIIs is the same, but only if the machine identifies as a VM III do the timer programming keys work.

I have no idea why this restriction exists. Presumably, the main firmware in Kings doesn't support this functionality. Perhaps MKS IIIs are the same in that respect.

Do you have a manual specifically for your machine? Was a printed manual supplied?

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