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Wanted Mecer SOL-I-AX5P or equivalent RCT


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Item Wanted: Mecer SOL-I-AX-5p or equivalent RCT

Packaging Essential: No

Desired Age: 3 years or less

Location: Centurion

Willing to accept a shipped item: Prefer to pick up within reasonable distance (<500km)

Ballpark/Budget Amount: R10k

Must have a parallel kit. Am willing to take two.

These are the 5kW/5kVA units (i.e PF1.0) with an 80A MPPT with max open circuit voltage of 145V.

Will also consider the equivalent Axpert King (will need to be two though).

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Hi Dewald,

Thanks for the reply. I'm a little concerned that these may be clone inverters as I need to run on @Coulomb and @weber firmware and the chances are good that it will brick the unit if I try to flash it and it is a clone. Looking at the label I would say it almost looks like a Voltronic but reading on the AEVA forum it seems these may be clones. Where did you get these?

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