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Somebody other please help

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16 hours ago, Lep said:

Inverter Mecer King 5kVA/5kW MKS11 only 6 of my 9 Solar Panels (Jinko 535W) but told by the other to connect all 9.

9 x 535 = 4815, which is a little over my comfort zone for "overclocking" (120% x 4000 W = 4800 W).

But the other thing is that 535 W panels are likely more than 72-cell, which means 3S of those panels is going to be too much voltage for a King (unless it's a King II). But you also mentioned an MKS11, by which I assume you mean an Axpert MKS II (possibly by another name), and 3S of those panels may be too low in voltage for that machine.

So: which model is it? (King or MKS II)

What is the 25°C Voc of the panels?

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Look at the label on the side of your inverter, keep an eye out for max Solar Voltage.

ie the one below is 450V, so you can connect 8x 535w panels to it for 400v. connecting 9 takes the panel voltage to 450v and something is guaranteed to let the blue smoke out.

so its max pv voltage divided by your open circuit panel voltage ,with safety margin.

take a pic of your inverter label, place it here , along with a pic of the solar panel label, and the max panels to be added can be verified 



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