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Axpert king 5kw


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Hi everyone,

I have an issue when I upgraded my Axpert MCU to 2.49. I did this to install the firmware that will allow me to use the "Li b" selection in the battery type. The remote display is now blank. I did loose cooms for a few times but then clicked on "Update MCU" until the upgrade was done. After that, blank display. Can someone please give me some advice?

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Restart the inverter, or at least remove the cable from the removable display to the inverter, to ensure that it completely resets. Power up again, ignore the fact that the display is blank, restart the reflash tool on the PC, and start again (select serial port, click Update MCU).

The fact that you lost comms suggests that you might need a different USB to serial adapter. See other posts for where you can buy known compatible adapters in South Africa. 

Edit: in the mean time, you should still be able to use your inverter-charger, just not change settings or monitor activity etc. The power switch doesn't need firmware, it's just a dumb switch connected to the inverter by 2 wires in the cable. 

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