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Freedom won Lithium batteries


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I see they are very well priced. Anyone have some experience with them? Looks like I will be able to replace my 48v 600ah bank with one of those for less than 100k, which is awesome for Lithium. 51V bank as well, so it will just slip in where the old one come out.


Looks like its locally manufactured. Thoughts / ideas?

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Supported by Victron CCGX setup. I wrote this for them last year to bridge some initial issues. There are still a few issues with the canbus speed that is presently resolved by building them a special image, but that will also go away eventually.

Basically, there are three Lithium sellers (I know of) in the country, it's freedomwon, BlueNova, and SolarMD (aka mypower24). FW and BN are the only ones with Victron support, and as far as I know FW is the only one integrating it using MPPTs on the DC bus side. So basically, for a local battery, they are the ones I'd pick for my blue kit.

(I really should investigate BN though...).

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11 hours ago, McWidowmaker said:

Thanks for the info. It may be something to consider when I need to replace my bank i 8 years or so. Lithium is a better option I think, but the price difference had been a deterrent when I purchased my current bank.

I am considering replacing my AMG batteries with Lithium as well and Freedom Won is definitely  on my short list. 

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