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Micro Inverters and Power Optimisers


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(Disclaimer - My knowledge on solar still classify me as a Novice)


I would appreciate opinions on the benefits of Micro Inverters (eg Enphase)  and Power optimisers (eg SolarEdge)


What I could get from some desktop research seems to indicate Power Optimisers could be a value add overtime even though initial cost increases


My basic understanding is that an inverter has three functions - MPPT, Converting DC to DC on a fixed voltage and Converting DC to AC. All of these doesn't need to be in the same "box", what SolarEdge do is to take MPPT and DC to DC to an individual panel level and then leaves their inverter with only the DC to AC function.


The benefits seems to be : 1. Improved output as MPPT is optimised per panel (also reducing the impact of shading, dirt and variance from panel to panel) . 2 More flexible layout design. 3 Seems to bring more safety.


Any opinions?




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Optimizers is basically a MPPT per solar panel. Output still DC.

Micro invertors is per solar panel, but the output is AC.

The problem with both above is cost. Micro invertors will cost you nearly double what a single invertor will cost you.

Yes, your efficiency will be way better with micro invertors, but electricity will have to cost R5/kwh to break even.

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