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Deye 8kw settings help needed


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Please can someone maybe give me some advice and a rough guide on what I should set my time of charge settings too on my inverter? 

I just added a second battery to my setup so I have the following 

8kw Deye inverter

2 x 3.68kwh 72ah greenrich batteries 

10 x 545w panels

We have the following appliances 

A gas stove top

Electric oven used mainly between 6pm and 8pm

Solar geyser using ev tubes

Side by side fridge and freezer

Pool pump 

Bar fridge 

Wine fridge 

we obviously only run the washing machines and dish washer during the day off of solar.

These were the settings that were set when I only had the single 3,68kwh battery. 

What should I change the settings too? 

I obviously set the batt capacity to 144ah (72 x 2)

Any help would really be appreciated. 




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