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Home Assistant no longer getting data after Sunsynk firmware update - solved


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Hi all,
I had my Sunsynk 5kW firmware updated earlier today and have now noticed that I'm no longer receiving data into my Home Assistant via the RS485 connection.
I've restarted HA and also done a complete power off.
I've also tried changing the Baud rate in the Modbus setting in Node Red, my /dev/ttyUSB0 is still the same on my HA.
All was working fine until the update was done, which included the inverter resetting itself...
I'm just getting the following back in Node Red debug.

"Modbus Failure On State sending Get More About It By Logging"

old: M / S  -- / C E.4.1.9
new: M / S  -- / C E.4.2.6
I see the new MCU has "-0513" at the end

Anyone seen this or got any ideas please?

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I just tried moving the cable from the BMS485 port on the inverter to the RS485 port but no change...

have now also just done a full shut down on the inverter, complete power down, still not getting data into HA anymore

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okay, so we're back to functional....
I found mention, in another forum post, of having to set the unit ID on the invert to "1" in the Advance settings, Multi-Inverter - there is a "Modbus SN" field.
strange that the setting was the same on the previous firmware version
images below - first is previous firmware version and second is new (current) version

319685821_2022-12-13advance-multiinverters400.jpg.68ccbc99a1ee9c64ae94bfac65f63180.jpg     2105843582_2022-12-23advance-multi-inverter400.jpg.16cdb3dd91c23052a73e3f7fbfa43c16.jpg

I changed the "Modbus SN" to show as "01" and now I'm getting data again.

BE WARNED though, changing that setting put the inverter in fault mode and it disconnected the power to the essential load and I had to do a complete power off and reset on to get it functioning again.

I'm just happy to be getting the data into HA again

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