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Luxpower SNA5000 with Hubble AM2 battery (backup power)


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Good day,

We have a Luxpower SNA 5000 and one Hubble AM2 battery.

Can someone post a screenshot of the best settings via the web?

Our inverter restarts after a certain time during loadshedding when TV is on since the last few days. 

It has been working fine in the past 3 months. Thinking something changed in the settings.


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I have a similar arrangement to yours, except I have a Dyness battery, no panels at this stage, purely BU. I watched the Luxpowertek training videos and the presenter suggested the following: (all my other settings are similar to yours)

AC Charge (?) According to time  Your times are already set.

AC Charge Start Battery SOC(%) 20

See if this works better for you.

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