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To Grid Tie or Not to Tie


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Hi PwrFrm,

Re: http://www.capetown.gov.za/City-Connect/Apply/Municipal-services/Electricity/Apply-for-small-scale-embedded-generation

This topic has been covered before.We are in November 2017.Things have changed with the council's backflow/no-flow and metering-AMI's?credit meters/prepaid etc.

I have only found old links to blogs.Is there a checklist on the path to take with pros and cons?

Has anyone been through the process?

Are there any SSEG's that can say they are happy with the route they have taken?What is that route?

What will they change if they had to do it again i.e resubmission?


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6 minutes ago, flamegrilled said:

Has anyone been through the process?

Rumour has it that there's only around 60 or so registered SSEGs in Cape Town. As a statistical probability, the answer is probably no for most people :-)

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