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LIPO Battery pack


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anybody played around with lipo batteries , I am wanting to make a low tech  pet project ,  a small battery back up that can be charged using grid (maybe old laptop charger)and or solar. something like a powerbank but with 12v as well.  I can get 18650 bats from china town fair cheap .Yes I know   I could make it from 7ah gate motor type bats but.

I want to put in a usb port,  12v output to run some led lights ( whos voltage seem to be quite  flexible)  solar panel(s) charging port  .voltmeter

I've seen a couple of vids on you tube  but the charging voltages are obviously different and 12v  seems just  awkward but 24v fits into a more flexible area esp since I have a 24v controller and I have a 24v to  12v converter. I can also get a lighter type usb car charger that works on 24 or 12v  , so that has a lot of flex


looking forward to comments and ideas 


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