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    maxomill got a reaction from Chris Hobson for a status update, hi there I do a lot of work on a farm . i have re invented the windmill , which is st   
    hi there
    I do a lot of work  on a farm  . i have re invented the windmill , which is still in proto type stage  and getting great results . the windmill has a compressor driven by the blades which then forces water to the surface (airlift). as Im only familiar with the Reitz farming area I wondered if I might be so bold and to ask about your area and what you  use for water.
    also what are the bore holes like down there generally speaking
    how deep are they
    how much water do they supply
    how far down is the water and how far to the surface
    im tempted to put a post on the forum as we are sending a couple to Zim   but im not sure if many will be interested besides farmers
    any info will be appreciated ,and if you want more info please say
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