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Axpert mks3kva plus wierd problem


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My friends I'm so glad to be one of your society

I have problem with mks3kva plus in the dc battery volt reading the inverter read the battery volt lower than the real volt with 1.3 or more

There is 3 inverters have the same problem 

Please advice how could i maintain them

Thank  you a lot

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3 hours ago, Andries said:

Hi Aid,

How thick is your cables and what is the lenght of the battery cables?

the cables thick 25mm DC special cable and the length 1 mt  exactly for each ( + ) and ( - ) for tow of them and 1.2 mt for the third one 

i checked the volt inside the the board of the inverters itself not from the batteries side 

the volt be 23.2 for example but the inverter read it on the screen 22

the problem same in three different systems

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Very Strange. Maybe the expert Axpert guys can give you better answer that are on the forum,at the moment I am using 35mm2 (50mm) battery cables,and I don't have a problem,just the SOC (state of charge) are not accurate and is best to invest in battery monitor like the victron BMV 702 to give accurate data,that will be my next purchase so I am saving up or someone that would buy my old inverter and mppt controller.

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