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  1. So sorry I have mistaken your E9 with an 09,apologies. Lithium battery does not need equalization and you should turn it off,battery equalization is only use for lead-acid type batteries
  2. Hi,when did this happend? does your inverter perform normally? there is no electrical burn smell? when I check on my research you may blown a diode if I am not mistaken
  3. Hey guys,so I was wondering if there is any expert (or Axpert...lol! ) electrical guys out there,so this was my previous inverter,I cannot remember what happend. it does not turn on,no LED or LCD display. As I have done some test and doing some research,the inverter receives power from AC and batteries,just little soft power noise on the mainboard. So I found a service manual on the net and it point me to the S.P.S (Switch Power Supply) so I found the area on the main board where the S.P.S is,I will attached 2x photos. My Question,Have any of you guys run in the same problem with the axpert inverters? and what component is that I need to replace? Its Lockdown and I am looking for something to do I got an Axpert King 5kva and happy as can be,but would like to fix this one I have fixed some board issues like LCD screens,etc before
  4. @Youda Okay tested with multimeter and so on,my pinout is not the same,so no2 that suppose to be green is Red,pinout 3 is green,tested it with multimeter again,and so I connected it now 2min ago,freaking awesome! thanx for all your help,I really do appreciate!
  5. @Youda Sorry to bother you again,so I find good quality RS232 to USB converter (UNITEK) Just want to make sure the pinout to the RJ11 is correct,that yellow wire that show not in used,pin 1,does it need to be connect? because I left it out,but still no coms on battery view
  6. Thanx @Youda I have looked at your system...man that is good work,well done!! I have the same blue cable that is on that picture,its standard Cisco Com cable to config Cisco Routers,got actually a few of them,going to try this.
  7. @YoudaDamn!! I read that the usb cable that I ordered just need to crimp the RJ11 connector,well waisted R200 I got a USB to RS232 converter and I got RS232 to RJ45 cable,so I can just cut of the RJ45 connector and crimp Rj11 and then connect the RS232 male and female together. @hancock possible you can send a photo of the RJ11 side,just need to see how many wires is crimp on the RJ11 and what nr pin sorry for all the hassle.
  8. Many Thanx,I found the correct usb cable,I just need to figured/find the correct diagram for console reading then I can crimp the RJ11 connector
  9. I am in IT so it cannot be so difficult,thanx it will be great!!!
  10. Good day Gents, I am looking for pylontech USB cable for RPI for ICC software, I have spoke to manie,seems its still out of stock,I have also send an email to Riaan from diversified but not yet any response. Is there someone that maybe got one spare laying around? pretty please
  11. If I may ask what happend to them?
  12. Its Alive!!!! You are a Genius!! thank you!
  13. Okay thank you sir! Going to try it NOW,will let you know,thank you!!
  14. I set the battery type to USE now,the dip switches is all down,meaning its off? and cable is connected to the master at RS485


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