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Cyber Monday specials


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Perhaps a good place to list some good specials. I just noted that Sustainable.co.za (not my favourite as they are usually around 20% overpriced) is selling the BlueNova batteries at a good price. For example, a 4kwh unit is going for just over 40k, VAT inc. Just note that in C1 terms it is really a 3.6kwh battery, but at the rated 7000 cycles to 70% it's still a cool R2.27/kwh.

It doesn't look as if Current Automation is did anything this year.

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7 minutes ago, Chris Hobson said:

Nah similarly sized (actually slightly larger - 3.8kWh  usable capacity) Pylontech for about R33.5k all in cables brackets etc.(33500/4.8*0.8*6000) = R1.45/kwh.

Not bad! The BNs have a slightly better peak discharge rate though, in case that kind of thing is important to you.

On the other hand, now that I think about it, the Mypower24 battery works out around 9.6k per kwh, C1 rated. Technically 10k/kwh isn't that good a price... and this one is rated at C10 so apples for apples this is more like 11k.

Nevermind people... still not really a special then :-)

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