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A few pointers required for a 1st time DIY Installer.


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Hi All

My current setup is an Axpert(Clone) 5000VA 4000KW Inverter, a Hubble AM2 5.5KWh Battery and I am using the ICM V1.2 Pi to monitor the inverter and battery.
The Inverter will be upgraded at a later stage, however this will do for the moment.
The inverter's MPPT is a low voltage kind with the below specs:
Rated Power                                        3000W
Efficiency                                             98.0% max.
Max. PV Array Open Circuit Voltage  145Vdc
PV Array MPPT Voltage Range           60~115Vdc
Min battery voltage for PV charge     34Vdc

I am starting the process of purchasing\installing a few panels on my garage roof and I am not certain how many panels the roof/inverter can accommodate. I have chosen this specific roof due it there been no shading until late in the afternoon.
The only stock I can find available in the next few weeks are the JA Solar 550W and I plan connecting 6 panels, 3 Strings of 2 Panels, this is 10% more than the rated power of the inverter but I believe this should be ok.

Roof Specs are as follows:
6.6m * 3.6m at an angle of 27 Degrees
There are 9 trusses 720mm apart with the dimensions of 37.5mm wide by 112mm high, there is a stamp on the side of it OH S-5 but it's really difficult to read. Anyway I am getting an engineer to figure out how much weight the roof can reliably carry.

Is it possible to over hang the panels on either side buy about 150mm in this configuration?
This configuration will have 2 mount points per truss to make a total of 18 Points


or is it better to mount them in this configuration? 16 points on 4 Trusses


Is the preferred mounting system Rensoul or Schletter? Which one will allow me to ground all the panels directly?

These are all my current questions sure I will have more, any advice would be appreciated.

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I'm also a newbie so....

As far as I know, you cannot overhang panels and in fact need to leave some walking space on one side if you have a simple rectangular roof surface.

So the obvious solution is the second option - landscape mounted panels. You have the vertical space to fit them in ( 3502mm into 3600mm ) - leaving you with enough space at the bottom near the gutter so the rain won't spill over and mess on the ground.

Just my twopence.

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