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Voltage drop


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I recently installed a 4000 (5KVa) inverter with 3 x 48V lithiums: all 2nd hand.

All my lights and 2 plugs runs through the inverter.

My problem is that immediate after loadshedding, my voltage on both systems starts to drop to under 200V, then slowly picks up again till the batteries are fully charged - takes about 30 minutes. I've been told that this could be detrimental to my fridges. Anything I can do, or must I get the installer back?

Anybody who can advise?

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Your inverter is probably just tracking or passing through the grid Voltage, which is typically low just after loadshedding, as various households are connected and probably everyone's geyser and everything kicks in.

Check your inverter manual. Some inverters like Sunsynk allow you to set the grid voltage parameters within which it will connect the grid to help protect your devices, or a reconnect time after grid is restored, to give the grid time to stabilize. At a low voltage you'll typically draw increased amps to be able to supply the needs of the loads, and that could worst case damage your appliances. With 3x48V lithium batteries - I'm assuming it's 100Ah batteries - you should hopefully be okay to last longer for just lights and 2 plugs.

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