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Sunsynk Inverter auto charging battery when grid restored.

Mark M

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Hi All. 

Have encountered a strange situation lately and hoping someone can assist me. 

Lately I have noticed that when my battery is depleted and there is no grid, once the grid is restored, the battery is automatically charged to 100% from the grid despite the fact that there is no tick in any of the grid charge boxes under system mode. 

Is this expected behavior? 

Would assume not? 

Thanks for your help 


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Depends on the System Mode settings on the SunSynk.
In my case it only charges from grid if the battery below the 20%/35%.
Battery only ever goes below 20%/35% if there is load shedding and the battery was already at 20%/35%.
Once grid returns it brings the battery back to 20%/35%.
The rest of the time it charges from sun.

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