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Kodak 5KW with 9.6KW batteries - Drawbacks?


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Morning all,

Can someone please explain this to me like I'm Jon Snow and know nothing (yet).

I have:

-12 x 340W Solar Panels placed in 3 rows of 4 panels each row.
- Kodak 5KW OG-Plus 5.48
2 x 2.4kw shoto SDA10-4850 Lithium-ion battery
- 1 x 4.8KW Im struggling to see more details. Looks like it was bought from https://lithiumbatteriessa.co.za/


Question: What is the drawbacks of having a 5kw inverter and more/9.6kw batteries?

I have an ongoing issue where batteries will never charge above 70% even when on bypass mode. So I am continually playing around with the settings to increase or decrease "back to grid" or "back to discharge" but not winning. 


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We had a similar issue with a growat and Hubble battery not charging passed 78% on lith setting in the end we set setting to user mode and setup up volts to charge lithium to full charge volts so the lithium BMS can calibrate and then set the battery mode back to lith mode 

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Thanks @GMAC 

I suspect it has something to do with the different type of batteries I have. @Jacques Ester May I ask what you have for some of your inverter settings? Back to grid and ack to discharge/battery?

I think the main question I had was with have more KW batteries that inverter can handle? Will 5KW inverter struggle to fully charge 9.6KW of batteries while carrying the load of the house?


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56 minutes ago, Jacques Ester said:

5kW is able to carry load and charge batteries.

May settings below attached. Please note that some are being changed by the battery BMS.

I am also using Solar Assistant witch is controlling everything.



Ah ok thanks! I have very similar settings. About the Max Charge current.. I've been a bit cautious to change it. What is the effect if having that on say 40A?

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