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Luxpower SNA5000WPV to Dyness A481000 communication problem

Chris G

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I have been having a bad day but it has turned good. 

When setting up the Luxpower to Dyness battery communication cable it does not work as advertised.  Dyness supplies you with the communication cable marked LUX. Put it in storage as it won't work.  Use the 1 to 1 cable marked Goodwe instead.  This advice I got from David of Luxpower head office.  It was confirmed by Tour Shen of Dyness technical support, whose contact details I found elsewhere on this forum.  It appears as if Luxpower has changed the pin out of the can port without updating the documentation.  There is a sticker on the luxpower box indicating the wiring change but that is a bit misleading. I hope this advice helps someone else

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Hi all, total noob here. I have experienced a similar problem, the installer changed the comma cable but now the battery is displaying as a 50ah instead of a 100 ah on the app. Dyness BX51100 and Luxpower SNA5000.  Is this something I can rectify through the app or web interface?

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