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Max Charge/Discharge


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I have two Deye 5kw inverters hooked up in parallel. Both are connected to a single 10kwh Lithium battery. Battery details can be found here (I have the LFP200-51.2). The battery manual says the max charge and discharge current is 100A.


My question is, since I have two inverters should I set the Max A Charge and Max A Discharge on each inverter to 100 A or should it be 50 A per inverter to make up the 100 A?




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And based on the battery manual shared above, what should the following three parameters be set to ( in Volts)?

1) Battery float charge?

2) Battery absorption charge?

3) Battery equalization charge?

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I don't have any knowledge or experience on these batteries. If this was my battery, looking at the Spec sheet, I would set the following parameters:

1) Battery float charge = 52.5V

2) Battery absorption charge = 53.0V

3) Battery equalization charge = Off (disabled)

With these settings you should still be able to achieve 100% SOC without cooking the battery at max. voltage. 

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