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Error 60

Kobus van der Watt

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19 hours ago, Kobus van der Watt said:

Another error that keep coming up on a parallel installation. Error 60. I checked the current sharing cable, all ok.

As you well know, that error means "Power feedback protection". It seems to happen when inverting in a parallel mode (could also be 3-phase), and one of the inverters finds instantaneously 2000 W or more going into the battery, or 1200 W or more 4 times in a row (over 40 ms). 

19 hours ago, Kobus van der Watt said:

The inverters also keep on disconnecting the solar panels from charging the batteries and then reconnects after a few seconds.

The only suggestion I have is to check battery cables; perhaps they are too thin, or there is a bad crimp somewhere.

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