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Kodak King running in 3-Phase Mode


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System Background

I have three Kodak Kings running in 3-Phase Mode on 3 x Pylontech US3000 Batteries and using EKSDOM (aka ESKOM) as backup. Each inverter is connected to 6 x 325W PV Panels.

I started of my SOLAR-Journey by installing an 3kw EAST-Hybrid Inverter and running it in Grid-Tie Mode. By the time I could afford a battery, the inverter's screen went bust. It was not economically viable to repair, so I bought my first 5Kw Kodak King. In the meantime I jumped through the loops to submit a claim to my insurer, who paid out.

Adding some bonus cash to my insurer's pay-out,  I bought two more 5kw Kodak Kings and two more Pylontech US3000 batteries giving me the total of 3 x Kings, 3 x US3000's and 18 x 325W PV Panels.

During my journey, I ran into a couple of issues ranging from fault codes not listed in the manual to learning that the Axpert Kings are not good at managing lithium batteries etc etc etc   I ended up purchasing a Raspberry Pi and the SMH (aka ICC) Software. I strongly doubt whether it is possible to get my system to work any better than what it currently is (Too little batteries and too little PV Panels). The SMH definitely allows me to better mange the system's overall performance, but there is still some issues I need to resolve.

Nobody I know has ever been brave enough to run Three Kodaks in 3-Phase mode, however, between myself, Segen and my supplier, we managed to get the system running. The first issue I had, was the fact that the machines were running different firmware versions. Segen supplied me with the latest version available at that time and I installed it on the three machines. From what I understand, the program I had to run, flashed all the necessary controllers in the machines.

The next issue I had, was the phase rotation: Eskom's phase rotation was wrong! This is a simple fix that I could rectify on my side.
Under the setting where I can choose in which mode the inverters must run (Single, Parallel or 3-Phase), I have selected P1 for the inverter on Phase 1, P2 for the inverter on Phase 2 and P3 for the inverter on Phase 3.


The issue that I am still trying to figure out

I use my PC over WiFi to access the SMH-Machine using "AnyDesk". 

On the SMH-Machine, I select "Dashboard" and then open the "Inverter" tab.

This gives me a spreadsheet listing the three inverters in three columns like follow:


what bothers me, is the fact that for two of the inverters, SMH shows the same Serial Number. Occasionally the inverters have showed error messages on P1's screen which I suspect relates to this. It seems that the inverter/s only worry about this when a very specific condition arise (which I can't figure out).

The result of this on a day-to-day basis, is that the SMH is giving a wrong calculation of my load.

Has anyone got any idea how I can get the SMH to read the correct Serial Numbers for Each of the machines?

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