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Huawei Lithium Battery ESM-48100B1


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Hi All,

I am very new to this but i need some advise.

I am looking at pairing two Huawei Lithium Battery ESM-48100B1 with a 5KW Deye hybrid inverter.

Can you advise if you see any pairing issue with this inverter? If so, possibly recommend another inverter.

Will the connection be strait forward plug and play to pair up 2 batteries with this inverter?

I want to do this in 2 phases, first just the inverter to the grid and later on add the solar panels.

Any advise would be appreciated.

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On 2023/05/03 at 1:23 PM, Power_Newbie said:

Any advise would be appreciated.

Hi Power_Newbie, welcome to the club.

I write it again: There is absolutely no issue to pair any battery to any inverter as long as the voltages and size are matched. There are only issues of BMS to inverter comms compatibility. There are many threads and posts that address this issue. But you can run the system without BMS to inverter comms. Simply and safely let the inverter do the charging management by correct settings of bulk- and floating charge voltage. Consult the battery specs (data sheet) for those values.

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