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Trying to get PV system up and running

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We have 24 260 wp panels installed with 2 combiner boxes to 2 Mecer 5 kW inverters installed in parallel. Currently due to various constraints, we have 12 panels connected to one of the combiner boxes in 3 strings of 4 panels in series. These are showing Voc of 139v but wildly swinging Amperage from zero up to only 7 Amps and barely charge our bank of 6 Mecer M3000 batteries. Tried to use the system in PV mode during recent load shedding but it could not support the relatively small load requirements of 1.1kW and went to battery mode. I guess our question is why we cannot seem to get the PV system to produce this relatively modest load?

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27 minutes ago, GreenFields said:

Which exact model number of Mecer inverter is this? Wondering if it's with a high Voltage or low Voltage MPPT input? Or the model with the 2.4kW PWM charge controller?

Vital information to know. If a high voltage then the voltage would be too low. 

Did not even know there are 2.4kw PWM units around. 

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