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Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100


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Was admiring this piece of blue kit today and spotted something interesting (a worry actually) in the video...

See if you can spot it... clue attached... ;)

Great piece of kit and I love the additional screen addon.


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1 minute ago, Mark said:

Ja... is the roof in SA?

No. It's in Groningen in the Netherlands.

I think I know why it recorded that high a voltage. It happens when the battery side goes open circuit. The output voltage then drifts up. I see it often when the BMS disconnects the battery, usually spikes to about 65V. The Multiplus will usually raise a high voltage alarm and switch itself off at this point, but the solar chargers remain up and even logs the voltage to VRM. Which is useful when doing debugging. When you start seeing different voltages from different devices... you can often figure out what happened.

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