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Delgreen 12V Battery Balancer


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I bought these battery balancers from Aliexpress. They cost about $19 each and you need one for each battery. The balancers can be linked together depending on the size of your battery bank. I am waiting for some battery cables to arrive and then I will connect the balancers and share some results. In the meantime, here are some pics and specs of the balancers.









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It's been a while since I got 4 balancers for the 48v battery bank. Ever since I got them I've been in troubleshooting mode and waiting for replacements after two balancers were not working properly.

First of all, the instructions regarding connecting these balancers are a bit confusing. Initially I was having problems with one balancer. The voltage of the battery connected to this balancer was much higher than the other three. I contacted the manufacturer and they suggested putting it on a different battery.

Then after a few passes of changing batteries and balancers around, another balancer also developed the same issue. Now the voltage on two batteries went south as you can see from the table below. After discussing the problem with the manufacturer, they decided to sent me two additional balancers to replace the bad ones.


When I received the new balancers, I re-connected everything and now every balancer is working properly and the voltage difference between the batteries is barely more than 0.01-0.02 volts.

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I ordered 4 balancers and I actually replaced 2 of these because they were not working properly. If the ON/OFF LED on all balancers is green then its ok. If it stays red on one or more balancers then you have a problem.

The second LED only comes on when the battery is charging or discharging while balancing. If the second LED is off, it means, the batteries are balanced. You can verify this by checking the individual battery voltage.

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Thanks so much for the reply Bluwater. Yes the on/off led (green) are all on IV got 7 for a 7s. IV tested them all separate I get a green light and the humming noise. There has been 100mv cell diffence without the red light turning on. I just can't get them to work



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