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Hi Tokolosh,

I would do a clean install of the SolarPower software on another laptop and if that will work with the inverter, then I would wipe and reinstall SolarPower on the original PC.

As far as I can remember, the password is just for the software, but the inverter itself has no password (just plug-in serial or USB and you're good to go).

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Standard password for SolarPower is: administrator All characters are lowercase. If that won't work, try: Administrator

If you want to try, here's the section to be replaced in the file config.properties  of SolarPower in order to have default password set (administrator):

ManagerPassword = 200CEB26807D6BF99FD6F4F0D1CA54D4

But I'm not sure whether the HASH is static, or takes into account some SALT from the actual computer. So, backup your config.properties file first.


Should none of the above work, you will have to uninstall software and reinstall it again. It can be downloded from various location, for example here: http://www.ostrovni-elektrarny.cz/support/Voltronic/SolarPower_1.14SP2_windows.zip

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Hi Youda/ All.


Ok so I am back in the office today and let me tell you the whole story quick.

so 2 weeks ago I setup the Inifini Solar inverter.

However the software does not want to auto load from the CD. I had to Copy paste the Folder ( Install files folder) to a folder on the PC

I then changed the password to something ... Still don't know what..

so the past weekend I went and installed Lithium batteries for the client and I needed to setup the inverters accordingly... 

No go on the software on my note book....as the password was wrong.... So I deleted all files from PC.. reboot PC, re copy software from CD.... 

NO GO still incorrect password.

I Had to then drive 2 hours .. fetch another Notebook recopy software and run it on another Notebook.

So this am I get my notifications what and how now.

So Yoda I read your mail  go to the config file...

I checked it and the code is the same as your code 200CEB26807D6BF99FD6F4F0D1CA54D4

so I try logging in again ....and  (What he HELL)it went in with the normal administrator password. I did not change a thing...


so it seems that if you go into the config file and view it ... it resets.. I dunno how .. I just wish that I did this BEFORE I travelled all the Kms to Borrow another r Laptop


Thanks Again for the help .. could not sort it then and there but I think for future.. LEAVE THE BLUDDY PASSWORD ALONE!!!!!! I hate typing .. that's why a changed it the first place.. took me an hour just too type this.. LOL




here I am with the 2 laptops... EISH!!!!!





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Well, that is a really strange behaviour :blink: Thanks for sharing!

By the way - when reinstalling that SW, it's good to reboot the laptop as the SolarPower is running in the background. Otherwise it may survive the deletion and mess-up the new install.

As for the photo : these two are 3-phase Infinis, so you need to have 6 laptops onsite to handle that power properly :D

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