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Psu for spotlights


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I have  a couple of Led spot lights that the power supply has gone bust.

One of them had a sticker on it that showed 30 - 40 v. Does any one know of a place that sell these at a reasonable price? Most of the ones that I have seen is almost the price of a new light.

Best regards


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Hi , if you can give some more info or a pic on the LED PSU. I might be changing some 18w LED down lights to dimmable PSUs when my customer eventual decides , and I think I have a 20w flood light with a broken glass . Otherwise I can see what replacements I can get for you.

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1 hour ago, PaulF007 said:

Here is some picks :

Hi Paul, what is the rating of the light, was it sold as a 50Watt led light. If I look at the prices of 50W LED drivers at the Electronic shops I normally buy from, and even the 50Watt drivers on BoB it might be cheaper to replace the light. The ones that will fit in your fitting goes for R360 and above, transport excluded.  Will search some more and let you know.   

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