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Structural engineer recommendation?

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This is my first post in this forum, but I have been following many threads over the last few weeks and have learnt a lot. 

I am currently still planning my solar setup, but have made  good progress. 

Load reduction

-Changed swimming pool pump to a variable speed drive pump that uses approximately a third of energy

-Had EVT solar geyser installed (works great!)

-Planning to switch lights to LED

I am based in Cape Town so will go the whole hog for a formal and correct approval of GTI (Goodwe Hybrid and Pylontech batteries) 

My question

I am based high up in Vredehoek where the South Easter can be extremely strong and vicious. I am planning 12 X 330 W panels on the roof and am of course keen for the panels to stay on the roof and the roof to stay on the house. The suitable roof area is reasonably small so the panels will be fairly tightly packed. I would also like to be able to show my insurance that I have done due diligence. 

Do you have any recommendations regarding structural engineers that have worked with solar before and could review and comment on planned installation without breaking the bank? Any leads you can give me would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks a lot

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On 2018/10/01 at 1:22 PM, South Easter said:

Do you have any recommendations regarding structural engineers

Hi South Easter , I have gone through this episode over the last few days and must say, its actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I did some of the work to try and save the engineers some time and got away with an excellent price.

I have spoken to a guy just around the corner from you. His company came highly recommended for some other work. For a certificate like that his price is R2750 exclusive and he will be available for inspections next week. 

I you haven't came right yet: [email protected]

                                                 Avcon Structural Engineers

                                                 7 Alexandra Ave, Oranjezicht

                                                     021 461 4738

Hope this will help you.




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