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Heatpump and Vacuum tube water heater one geyser


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Yip , it is possible. Alliance air had a 300l geyser with a heatpump built into it. It had additional plumbing ready for solar heating.  if you have a solar type geyser there are already additional plumbing connections for the EV tubes to add a heat pump you would replace the TP valve with a banjo valve (to use for the hot return from the heatpump ) and for the supply to the heat pump you would T off the cold inlet just before the geyser.

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Ok what I've done on other units is I purchased a spare metal heater plate and drilled two holes  that just fits a brass threaded tube and brazed it in to place and then fasten backing nuts to hold the gasket down around them. From there add a short bit of tube facing the top of the geyser and the other one facing towards the colder bottom close it all up again , and there are you additional plumbing ports. While you have the geyser open don't forget to replace the anode too.

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why not just T into existing pipes like example image below?

https://www.asi.co.za/geysers.html (not promoting this company at all, there are cheaper places, DIY even. Its not that difficult at all, just the sample image)

My EV is basically connected like this (without the non return valves) and I get 55+ degrees every day, even higher now. I saw 72 degrees on Monday.



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