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Cape Town electricity grid unstable


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my Goodwe inverter is still randomly shutting down and restarting (about once a month, sometimes a few times a day). I thought that the reported error message on the EzManage app (SoC delta over range please check the battery capacity settings and charge voltage settings) is the cause. I played around with different battery settings but the problem persisted. Now Goodwe support just told me, that after analyzing the data they believe that the reason for the shutdowns is an unstable grid. They suggested to change the grid supply quality detection to "low sensitivity". I am concerned that if I change the setting it will compromise the anti islanding function. What do you think and is the grid in Cape Town really so unstable?

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29 minutes ago, Fuenkli said:

I am concerned that if I change the setting it will compromise the anti islanding function

From the Victron side of the fence, I can tell you that we also have two sensitivities (well, three), called LOM type A and LOM type B (LOM == loss of mains). Type B is safe and sufficient for South Africa, and when you select NRS097 as grid code it automatically selects type B. Assuming Goodwe has the same kind of thing, it is probably fine to do as they asked.

Now regarding instability. I've been running a small Multiplus with LOM type A (the higher sensitivity) for over two years and never had a problem, so at least in my area it seems fine, which seems to suggest that Cape Town as a whole is probably fine, even if parts of it might not be.

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