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Hello & New Offgrid Installation

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Good day All, 

Been lurking around the site for a bit and thanks to all for the posts. Unfortunately only found the site a bit late into my research but a lot of posts have helped in confirming decisions made etc.


Plan is for a new off-grid installation to go into a new dwelling recently purchased in the KZN Midlands. The idea was not to go off-grid immediately but after getting the prices from Eskom just for monthly line rental (it location of the dwelling is considered rural), the decision became a no brainer. The dwelling is a relatively small set-up, 1 bed, 1 bath and I've sized the system from average power figures from the spot where I currently live. The existing wiring in the new place is extremely basic so plan is to replace what is there, lights will all be LED, gas stove/oven and gas water heater. The plan is to allow for generator back-up, to feed back into the system should there be extended periods of crappy weather.

The heart of the system going in includes:

  • 10 x 355W Canadian Solar Panels (Plan is to add 2 more ASAP)
  • Goodwe 5048D-ES
  • 5 x 2.4kW/h Pylon Tech US2000B batteries

Hoping to start the installation in the next couple of weeks, so a couple questions my follow, if I can't find them searching existing posts.


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