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GIFs Or not?!

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Hi All. A funny add-on to our new software update are the use of GIFs. You will find the GIFs icon in the top right of your new post window.

It is fun yet could become highly annoying to members. Shall we allow the GIF - only when really needed to help assist express our true feelings.? 

Shall we have a GIF rule : Only When REALLY NEEDED shall a GIF be allowed. ?

Example : Below: :>> Let me know your thoughts, It could create some humor, but if over-used I feel it might annoy members.

My GIF Selected . The Answer to the above. 

.barack obama wtf GIF

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Making any / a rule = policing = more work for moderator/s = inevitable friction = issues.

The choice in my mind is therefor simple: Allow it. Don't allow it.

I think GIF's are freaking awesome. It brings a whole new dimension to a "conversation", and it is very entertaining.

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36 minutes ago, plonkster said:

I'm still a little sad that the new software has learned to recognise my trademark smileys.. which was always plain text. Perhaps time to start doing the reverse-smiley. (-:

hehe let me send you a screen shot. You decide which version of emoji"s you prefer . Screen shot coming up shortly.

The new PHP version and SQL version I updated last night (Dont enjoy working with Apache and PHP! haha) Its always a stressful time when I take the forum down for upgrade. One always runs it little snags that you need to solve within a certain time. There are so many more additions I will be putting in place this week. I am just glad to be running on the latest version of PHP. You might feel the forum loads up faster as well. 

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