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Is this a good inverter?


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Hi Guys looking to get setup with a inverter that can accommodate solar and mains charging.


Im a complete noob in this.


I rent a free standing house so solar panels not a absolute must right now. Mate is an electrician who will separate Dbs etc


Just want to get started.

Here is the link: https://www.communica.co.za/products/vp-mks-3k-mcr

Thanks in advance.


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4 hours ago, Natal_Nic said:

Just want to get started.

The problem with "just getting started" is that you will spend money on something that could possibly not be changed later. The one thing that "pops" is that the MPPT can only handle 

  • Maximum PV Array Power : 600 W -  it could be a little small. considering the inverter size ( 3 kva). Maybe look at a 48v system that could give you a little bit more on the PV side. Alternative you could also look at the option to get a separate MPPT later should the need arise. But then it will add to your cost. 
    Or you could wheal and deal over time and sell as you upgrade , that is if that could work for you :) .

As @Fazil said it will largely depend on what you would want to power over the long term. If it is for loadshed and just to run the TV and lights once a month or so .. Go for it :)

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