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Battery switching / Mixing Batteries


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I have 4 x 200ah lead acid batteries connected in series to my 5 kva Mercer Inverter, they are pretty much still new

I now gotten 2 x 4.8 kva Lithium batteries, which I plan to put in parallel

Thinking of keeping all the 2 sets of batteries connected with some switch, so I can switch from the lead acid to the lithium's when needed

any thoughts will be appreciated

How should I do this


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1 hour ago, Johanba said:

How should I do this

I will use one of these with suitable Current rating. Middle 2 connectors connected to + and - of inverter and other 2 sets connected to the different banks. 


What do you plan to do with the charge settings, will you be changing the charge settings every time you change over to the other bank?


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