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  1. Hi Chris


    I have one of these Mercer inverters and is looking for a 2nd one to add for parallel, but unable to find one

    1. Chris Louw

      Chris Louw

      The inverter is in a good condition with a new motherboard . Replaced the board today . What is your firmware on your inverter . This is a spare and I will sell but I must be sure that it is comparable with yours . Greetings

  2. Hope someone can assist I am in need of a Mercer SOL-I-AX-5M Inverter to join in parallel with my other one I am also willing to exchange it if someone is looking for one, and I need to buy another This inverter is new and hardly used
  3. Good day Below is a view of my setup I am experience often drop is power supply on the DC line It is as if the system shuts down and then restart, But it does not restart so always Sometime I have a long beeping sound I then need to disconnect the batteries, switch off the inverters and once connecting it again, it works Most of the time it’s a “Error 52”but also recently go a “Error 08” I have 2 x BoostLi Energy Storage Module ESM-48100A1 with BMW 712 Equipment
  4. Thanks Still not getting it working Not sure if I have the right cables connect now I have Teamviewer or VNC available, if anyone could possibly help me via that way Will appreciate, let me have your number to call you, if you can assist Johan 0827824585
  5. Thanks a Mil Found the comm port added it to WatchPower, but still no values
  6. HI I have set up the watchpower software on my laptop connected the USB cable from the inverter to my laptop USB Port The cable is a-B cable But I do not get any data What am I missing on this Please help me Thnks
  7. Hi I bought 2 x Growatt hybrid inverters Seems there is no support in SA for these inverters Should be a No Go Product
  8. I just don''t like the monitoring software They are not Voltronic items, as far as I can see They dont support the ICC Software
  9. I have 2 x brand new (Installed on Saturday 21 March 2020) 2 x Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM-P Including parallel Cards & Wi-Fi Reason is this is not working for me, I would like to switch to 2 x Mercer 5kva's Selling price is R12000 each or a swop for 2 x 5kva mercers Contact me on 0827824585
  10. I have 1 x 335 w Canadian panel that has some burning damaging any idea what caused this
  11. I have 4 x 200ah lead acid batteries connected in series to my 5 kva Mercer Inverter, they are pretty much still new I now gotten 2 x 4.8 kva Lithium batteries, which I plan to put in parallel Thinking of keeping all the 2 sets of batteries connected with some switch, so I can switch from the lead acid to the lithium's when needed any thoughts will be appreciated How should I do this
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