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  1. I just don''t like the monitoring software They are not Voltronic items, as far as I can see They dont support the ICC Software
  2. I have 2 x brand new (Installed on Saturday 21 March 2020) 2 x Growatt SPF 5000TL HVM-P Including parallel Cards & Wi-Fi Reason is this is not working for me, I would like to switch to 2 x Mercer 5kva's Selling price is R12000 each or a swop for 2 x 5kva mercers Contact me on 0827824585
  3. I have 1 x 335 w Canadian panel that has some burning damaging any idea what caused this
  4. I have 4 x 200ah lead acid batteries connected in series to my 5 kva Mercer Inverter, they are pretty much still new I now gotten 2 x 4.8 kva Lithium batteries, which I plan to put in parallel Thinking of keeping all the 2 sets of batteries connected with some switch, so I can switch from the lead acid to the lithium's when needed any thoughts will be appreciated How should I do this
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