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Zero PV reported on CCGX

Leon Besaans

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Hello All,

1st time post, hope someone can assist.

Installed a 5kVA Victron Multi II, 250-100MPPT, CCGX, 12 x panels 360W and small SolarMD 3.7kWhr battery. Running ESS and battery configured to be used only in load shedding times. System been working fine until yesterday, where the PV suddenly reports zero. This morning early it reported 400W, but now its gone again.

Any idea why this would happen?

Kind Regards



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On 2020/01/01 at 9:47 AM, Leon Besaans said:

Hello All,

Hi Leon, welcome here. 

What Mppt are you using? If it is one of the bigger Smart Solar 150/? or 250/? models, it should have a little wire bridge at the bottom of the MPPT, normally on the right hand side, sometimes the small little screws are not fully tightened causing similar issues. Please check that, if its not working, send me a pm and i will try and assist from there. 

Have you tried restarting the system? 


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We actually had two cases in support of people with a bad "remote" wire bridge. Also make sure the firmware is up to date. Really early versions of the high voltage models had a bug and it would actually blow FETs sometimes... but when that happens the problem is permanent (of course), not intermittent. Yours is intermittent, so it's probably something else. Finally, if all else fails, ask your reseller and let them ask Victron support, there is an "off reason" for each MPPT that is logged to VRM (at least if you run the latest venus firmware), in other words, the solar chargers actually log their "off reason" for debug purposes.

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