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DB box connections

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Good day,

As I am new with solar, busy with all the researching. It’s my nature like to understand how things work.

Is there somewhere a link how DB board gets connected with solar power? Still try figure out,  if for example  run a hybrid system, where is the inverter connected to your DB board, able to feed the house, and the excess energy can flow back into the grid?




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Hi Morne. 

Normally looks something like this. 

  1. DB gets split in Essential and non-essential loads. 
  2. Grid feeds the Non-essential loads and the Inverter 
  3. The inverter output feeds the essential loads. 
  4. Grid Meter connected to the mains  will allow that excess PV is used to feed the Loads on the input side of the inverter, but will stop power going to the grid. 
  5. Change over in the system will allow for quick bypass should inverter fail.   
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Thank you Jaco, starting to make sense now.

Please see photo below. 
This photos below look so simple, but when I look at the installations on the forum, looks way more complicated, lots CB’s, and DB’s etc.

Is it correct to say, where the mains enters Main CB, will the output from there go straight to the Inverter? And from the inverter back to DB connected to the ESS CB’s?



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