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Maximum Solar Panels for a Mecer 5000VA/4000W


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Hi There,

At present I have (9) 255W Solar panels connected to my Inverter, I would like to add 3 more panels which are 265W as I am unable to obtain 255W panels. My Installer is saying that he will have to run a 2nd set of cables as my present cables will not handle the  current of all 12 panels, so a 2nd set of cables will reduce the Amps.

Is he correct in saying so? I really did not anticipate the extra cost of cabling as I already had to purchase mounting rails and clamps which I have mounted already in preparation to connect.

Inverter Specs:

Inverter Mode

Rated Power 5000VA/4000W

DC Input: 48VDC, 93A

AC Output 230VAC ,50Hz, 22A 1

AC Charger Mode

AC Input 230VAC, 50Hz, 35A

DC Output 54VDC

MAX 60A, Default 30A

AC Output 230VAC, 50Hz, 22A

Solar Charge Mode

Rated Current 60A

System Voltage 48VDC

Min Solar Voltage 40VDC

Max Solar Voltage (VOC) 145VDC

I'm no electrician but I try and need to ask before I spend


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I assume that you are referring to the cables from the panels. 

You should already have 3 sets of cables going into your combiner box.  It's wiser to add the fourth set and keep your 4 banks of 3 panels on their own wires and fuses.  Just cleaner and easier to troubleshoot if you have issues. 

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