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  1. That defeats the purpose as the inverter will be on at times the sun really doesn't shine... I'm assuming you're charging via panels primarily. Best option is to keep it in a garage and out of hearing. The 5KVa is loud and annoying. You can't really dismiss it as background noise as the pitch of the fans changes constantly and makes you always aware of it. When under heavy load they are very loud. Also remember that the fans are used to displace heat, so in a small space this could be a problem. I currently have this in my basement and am running over 20 metres of cable to
  2. Hi.. I assume that you are referring to the cables from the panels. You should already have 3 sets of cables going into your combiner box. It's wiser to add the fourth set and keep your 4 banks of 3 panels on their own wires and fuses. Just cleaner and easier to troubleshoot if you have issues.
  3. Thanx for that.... Don't have a BMV yet..... Trying to source a cable for the dyness as there seems to be no one who knows how to get it to talk to the Axpert. I have spoken to Riaan from ICC and he says he needs the Dyness comms protocol to check if the Pylon cable would work...... No idea where to get that from. Will post the screenshot of the performance tomorrow morning.... Thanx again.
  4. @GVC Did not do what I expected........ Seems during the daytime, it worked until the PV output dropped. The load was then powered for the whole night by the grid.....did not go to battery as i expected. I have changed the Axpert setting [01] back to SBU this morning and left the setting [16] on OSO and will monitor today... This screenshot is from the time I made the changes to around 05H00 this morning.
  5. Eish.... Thanx for the number crunching. This means at least 1 more battery in the new year. I will check when it pops over to eskom tonight and gauge from that. I already have 6 more panels to go up.... Just waiting to save up for the mounting brackets.. Wiring is already in place.. If you know where I can get them for a decent price, then I'd appreciate the info. The mountings cost around R5 500. Thanx a million Jaco.
  6. As I understand it, if the load exceeds what your panels and batteries can provide, then the inverter switches tu utility to power the load. If your load is 3KW constantly then your inverter just becomes very expensive battery charger.
  7. Done..... Cloudy day in Joburg South.... But seems to work. I changed setting [01] to SOL and setting [16] to OSO... Will see how long the battery lasts before drawing from the grid tonight... Thanx again.
  8. Thanx GVC..... Will try that as soon as I'm home.... Will monitor and then feedback if there is a change...
  9. Also....... I am confused as to what constitutes a "cycle" on the battery. I see from the ICC dashboard, that my system pulls from the grid numerous times. Does each draw from the grid mean that the load is being supplemented from the grid or is each one a cycle of the battery....????
  10. Hi @Coulomb Bit of a newbie so please excuse any "stoopid" queries. I have a very simple setup with 1 x Dyness 3.6KwH battery, 6 x 330w panels in 2 strings of 3 panels and an Axpert 5KVa inverter. Geyser is EV tubed solar, Gas stove and bypass geyser via Eishkom for early morning hot water. I have been trawling through various forums and trying to find the optimal settings for my battery as i get no joy from the installers and their suppliers. I have recorded my panels maxing out at 2.2KW on a very sunny day with a decent load running. My issue....an
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