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Battery bank switching


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 i have two CSB batteries 75ah on a 3kva inverter  one of the batteries seems to be giving up the ghost voltage goes down to 10v while the other is on 12v  so i get about an hr 30min run time on my inverter. I want to buy two 100ah and use these instead but i don't wanna loose my   other two batteries , so what i am thinking is of a battery bank switcher. When the 100ah run out i can switch to the 75ah . anyone know of such a product without me manually switching wires 


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3 hours ago, Richard Mackay said:

No point is doing this. Install your new batteries and connect the older 2 in parallel. 

There's no disadvantage in connecting batteries in parallel unless there is a shorted cell. (You can detect with a voltmeter or a non contact thermometer..)

i am worried about the difference in AH rating the ones being 100ah and the other being 75ah

also the one battery does not seem to be holding charge drops down to like 10v while the other remains at 12v

so don't want to affect the new batteries 

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