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GCL E-KwBe 5.6 Lithium Battery


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Hi All,

Just wanted to find out what others experience have been with this battery?

We have 2 units that were installed over 2-years ago, paired to a GoodWe GW5048 ES Hybrid Inverter.

The inverter was setup with the specific profile for 2 x GCL E-KwBe 5.6kWh lithium batteries.

We have had frequent problems with both batteries. The first occasion they were returned to the supplier who supposedly had to do "BMS" repair service on both units.

Both of them are now faulty again, and I was just wondering if anyone had experienced something similar?

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Hi guys My name is Thabo some of you might know me ,I had been working with GCL for a long time now was working for one of the top GCL supplier in Gauteng Kya sands,

I understand these batteries and able to CAN Test them and able to even update if needed, The problems or Issues i had found with these batteries was that some batch of batteries were from China and some where from Australia and when you parallel both they can seem to work and give a problem in a long run, reason being not having same version of firmware, and also when paralleling these batteries make sure that the DC cables and the Ethernet cables are same size and when paralleling 2 x batteries you have to have 2 same size Ethernet cable and adapter in between, when paralleling more than 2 make sure you have adapter from master to the 1st slave battery, again make sure when you configuring master and slave on them only the one you configuring must be on and when you done with it must switch off and go do the next one,,I am available to assist but I only operate over the weekend sat and sunday , you can contact me on 0725171797 or via email [email protected]

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