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Paralled 2 Axpert 5kva Invertor Error


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3 hours ago, Rolanddurr said:

What can be wrong?

"NE" is meant to be a transitory stage, where the inverter is not yet declared to be a master or a slave.

I've seen something like this with not quite compatible firmware versions, e.g. 72.70 and 74.40 (in theory they should work together, 72.70 and 74.10 do inter-work, but this combination does not). What are your exact Axpert models and main firmware versions?

I'm guessing it could be a problem with wiring of the paralleling cables, or a fault with the paralleling board, but that seems unlikely.

I assume that both have setting 28 (AC output mode) set to PAL; if not remember to switch off the unit just before trying to change the output mode.

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