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RaspberryPI VenusOS with VE.Can

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Cheapest option is a MCP2515 "hat" (called the CanBerry in that document). The device tree overlays are already on the boot partition and can be loaded in the usual manner, by listing them in config.txt.

In my opinion, the total cost of vedirect-usb cables for the solarchargers plus the mk3 dongle plus the CAN-hat plus a nice case... puts you pretty close to just buying a Venus-GX.

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Thanks @plonkster . The MCP2515 looks like a option.

I am already to far down the rabbit hole. They rPi was laying around, begging to be used for something and I needed the MK3 to be able to set the custom charge settings for my DIY battery.

I was not planning on using any CAN devices, but looking at perhaps adding and second hand BlueSolar Can charger to the mix for my ESS setup.


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