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Narada vs Averge


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Hello all.

Looking at replacing my current AGM setup with lithium. Considering the following two batteries...

1 - Narada 48NPFC100

2 - Averge CH48100

Both batteries are 48V 100A and have very similar specs and price. The Narada talks directly with ICC and the Averge will require a Victron BMV (which I have from my existing batteries)


My question is, from personal experience which is better or why did you chose the battery for yourself?


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Hi @Jay-Dee

I cannot speak for the Averge battery brand but I do have Narada lithium batteries for my setup (2x 48NPFC50 batteries). The battery SOC is controlled through the ICC software seeing as my inverter cannot communicate with these batteries. Overall I have been very impressed with no complaints. I am actually going to expand my system now with an extra battery or maybe two. The other reason I eventually decided to go with the Narada batteries are because these are the same batteries which the large Telcos (Vodacom, Mtn etc) use for their backup power systems, thus assuming the batteries have some credibility with regards to specs, reliability and warranty. On my setup I can confirm that the battery performance is very good.


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