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Backup Power Supply For Home


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I have had questions about stand alone  Backup Power Supply For Home to power a few lights and the tv.

Not everybody can afford all the bells and whistles

Where to start and what should one lookout for



Lithium444 Power Pack By Flexopower on Takealot

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Just search for FlexoPower on the forum. We have a few discussions on those a few weeks back.
If you just want backup they are a easy option and can power quite a few devices. They recharge slowly compared to other options, but they are lithium so the batteries will last longer.

ArtSolar now also have a few interesting kits which include everything you need and recharge with a solar panel. The cheaper options like this one is using lead acid batteries, but those Victron equipment (the blue items) can all handle Lithium batteries, so it is a easy upgrade in future.

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