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I'm new to the forum but I've been getting sent here by Google more and more so it was time.

Very interested in giving less money to Eskom (my employer, for my sins) and started automating and tweaking more and more in lockdown as I'm working from home. Where I'm at at the moment:

Water heating by 2 solar flat panels with 150l geysers in series (professionally installed) with a 5l/min gas geyser downstream when needed (self installed) Currently manually controlled but automation is in its future.

Electrically I'm on a 5kVA Axpert (whole house except jacuzzi) with 2kW of solar and a 3.5kWh Pylontech, watched over by an ICC Pi. All self installed about 5 years back. I'm new to the Pylontech and ICC. One day when I'm big I'll get another battery and more panels and stay off grid at night.

Downstream of that I've been playing with a multitude (mess) of cheap Chinese smart bulbs, Sonoffs for other lighting and jacuzzi control, Sansui smart plugs to make the coffee and a Broadlink RM Pro for the AV stuff and ceiling fans. Loosely and unreliably bound together by Google home. I can still more or less understand this lot so I'll doubtless be complicating it further soon.

Future plans include integrating the ICC into the automation. in fact automating and linking everything that will stand still long enough. And more solar and batteries, and world peace.


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