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New Roofie here

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Hi Guys thanks for the add..
Greetings from Blouberg WC....

google directed me here...need some advice on setting up perimeters for the new batts that I've purchased for my RCT Infinisolar Plus 3000 48v...

I have installed a Bank of 4 x 12v 120AH Gel batts...

my issue that im experiencing is once grid tied then batts show 100% but as soon as switchover occurs they drop to +-55% any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated...

im running the SolarPower App on a Mac 






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Hi Wozza, welcome to the forum!

First of all you're measuring the battery capacity with the inverter. This is only a guestimate because all the inverter knows is the battery voltage. When you connect a load you will see a voltage sag and the inverter thinks the capacity drops that fast as well but it doesn't of course. If you want a good measurement of the SoC (State of Charge) I recommend to connect a Victron BMV to the battery.

Now you know what the SoC is but the inverter still does not. By adding ICC to the system the SoC can be forwarded to the inverter as well so it (or ICC) makes better decisions.

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