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  1. Im busy upgrading to a 5kva setup..and have a 3kva 48v RCT Infinisolar Plus available....offers welcome....unit is roughly 4 years old
  2. Hi Guys does anyone have the factory password for this unit...I need to adjust the upper frequency parameters...
  3. I should also mention im using +-30% load on the system..... any help suggestions welcome
  4. Hi Guys thanks for the add.. Greetings from Blouberg WC.... google directed me here...need some advice on setting up perimeters for the new batts that I've purchased for my RCT Infinisolar Plus 3000 48v... I have installed a Bank of 4 x 12v 120AH Gel batts... my issue that im experiencing is once grid tied then batts show 100% but as soon as switchover occurs they drop to +-55% any help or advice would be gratefully appreciated... im running the SolarPower App on a Mac
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